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Streamline and Optimize Imaging Practice Workflows with a Cloud-based RIS

Radiology Information Systems Automate Practice Operations While Improving the Patient Journey

Learn how the AbbaDox Radiology Information System – RIS helps streamline scheduling, registration, technologist workflows, as well as eliminate paper-based processes. Our cloud-enabled RIS is powered by a smart workflow engine that reduces bottlenecks in appointment scheduling and document management.

– Web-based Scheduling and Registration

– Paperless All-Digital Workflows

– Eligibility Verification and Estimation

– Smart Intake

– Third-Party Integrations


Smart Intake

Instantly generate the appropriate forms by visit type and pre-populate with patient and provider information from the patient record.


Produce bar-coded documents that eliminate document prepping, QA, indexing, and routing tasks.


Instantly generate forms that are pre-populated with the appropriate patient and provider information.


Print forms by patient name or other fields, such as date of service or location.


Intuitive Centralized Scheduling and Registration

Book, double-book, or reschedule appointments with an intuitive user interface (UI) designed to streamline scheduling workflows.


Accommodate multiple locations and complex scheduling requirements.


Manage pending appointment requests from our self-scheduling wizard, referring portal, incoming faxes, as well as third-party ordering and EHR systems.


Attach and access patient documents, such as insurance, identification cards and more while you schedule.


Quickly assess potential procedures issues with protocol questionnaires.


Go Paperless with All-Digital Workflows

Bridge the gap between your referring orders fax-based workflow and the need for digital records integration and automation.


Receive, sort or return documents with specific notes and requests, all without the need to produce, print and manually return to fax recipients.


Since documents are received digitally, there are no busy signals, which means faxes aren’t held back by the limitations of traditional phone lines.


Create tasks and new appointments or attach to existing appointments or patient records – all in the same application.


Fax back requests for more information; no need for printing and faxing back to the physician’s office.

Eligibility Verification and Estimation

Checking insurance eligibility and patient responsibility can be a time-intensive process. Instead of waiting days, your staff can determine eligibility and check benefits almost immediately.


Check your patient’s insurance eligibility in real time.


Submit eligibility inquiries individually or in a batch file.


Generate comprehensive coverage reports.


Patient Transportation with Uber Health

Improve care coordination and the patient experience with AbbaDox RIS, the only RIS integrated with Uber Health.


Reduce No Shows, Cancellations and Late Arrivals

Increase your operational efficiency by helping patients get to their appointments.


Manage Transportation Costs in One Centralized Place

Instantly generate forms that are pre-populated with the appropriate patient and provider information.


Flexible Scheduling Options

Schedule for immediate pick up or up to 30 days in advance, so managing transportation for patients works with your organization’s workflow.


HIPAA Compliant

Patient privacy is protected before, during and after each trip.


Integrated: Schedule without Leaving the RIS

No need for a smartphone or access to the Uber app—all trip details are sent through a text message.



Mammography Workflow and Tracking

Streamline mammography workflows and fulfill growing regulatory requirements with a suite of features designed for women’s health.


BIRADS Integration

Streamline mammography with convenient features like embedded workflows, auto-populated BIRAD values and drop downs.


Results Distribution

Allows customized delivery per location, unique branding and look-and-feel and specialized HL7 feeds per destination.


Automated Lay Letters

Automatically generate lay letters after submitting the report through your voice dictation platform.


MQSA Reporting

Access a full suite of reports that address mammography tracking and support auditing requirements for compliance.

Third-Party Marketplace

Through a number of partnerships that incorporate best-of-breed technologies, we provide a robust solution that enables: billing, eligibility, vendor neutral archive (VNA), image viewing and more.

AbbaDox’s automated order intake and registration workflows have shaved hours off our scheduling process and the product keeps evolving and adapting to our needs. Their service offerings and solutions add up to a very comprehensive system that has grown with our organization. I am happy to see continued improvements and new features in the system and regularly recommend AbbaDox.

Zach Harman

IT/RIS Administrator at Health Management Company of America

Beyond a RIS Platform

AbbaDox RIS connects seamlessly with other AbbaDox applications to provide even more functionality to grow your business and provide a positive patient experience.


Patient Portal

Improve patient engagement and communication with a robust portal that allows patients to view their health records and request appointments.


Radiologist Workflow Suite

Enhance your ability to work fast and efficiently with advanced workflows and routine management.

Learn how our solutions can integrate into your existing systems, allowing you to streamline workflows, grow your business and improve patient experience.