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Patient Engagement with Safety in Mind

Modernize Your Patient Communications

A majority of patients have access to smart devices and are accustomed to the convenience of receiving notifications and reminders anywhere. Improve patient satisfaction by interacting with them according to their communication preferences.

We can provide the tools to better understand the needs and values of your patients so you can engage with them on a personal level, resulting in a more collaborative process in care and clinical decision-making.

Automated Patient Texting Services

Many patients may be wary of waiting rooms right now, so emphasizing their safety is paramount to providing quality care. With bi-directional automated patient texting services that are integrated with AbbaDox RIS, patients can announce their arrival via SMS and wait in their car to avoid unnecessary contact until instructed to walk into the clinic. 

AbbaDox’s capability to allow online-scheduling and to fill out pre-registration paperwork remotely can have your patients walking in the door and ready to go. No need to pass around the clipboard or a tablet. By eliminating much of the intake process, your front desk staff is protected from prolonged physical interaction, minimizing the number of people sitting in your waiting room and potentially spreading the virus. 


Reduce Late Arrivals and No Shows

Our automated reminders available in AbbaDox RIS assist with this task and help reduce no-shows. To help reduce late arrivals, send patients driving directions to the office along with map links. Sending automated alerts and notifications about special needs, such as transportation requirements or wheelchair access, make it easier for patients and can help improve satisfaction.

Keep Patients Informed Before and After Their Appointment

Alert patients when their results are in, such as mammography reports, and notify them of next steps. These letters can be automated based on different criteria.

Confirmations and reminders can include a customized message that guides the patient through a brief symptom check to determine if it is safe for them to keep their appointment, directing them to the appropriate care if they are not well.



Measure Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction surveys can provide help in identifying gaps and and provide insights on potential improvements. Send automated surveys to patients after their visit and aggregate data for in-depth analysis.

Leverage an Ecosystem of Cloud-Computing Applications to Improve Care Coordination
AbbaDox Patient Portal connects seamlessly with other AbbaDox applications to provide even more functionality to grow your business and provide a positive patient experience.


Radiology Information Systems

Streamline registration, scheduling and technologist workflows, while eliminating paper-based processes.


Referring Physician Portal

Become a true health network by seamlessly connecting your disconnected healthcare data and managing referral business in real-time.
Your radiology center is the network.

Learn how our solutions can integrate into your existing systems, allowing you to streamline workflows, grow your business and improve patient experience.